Our Favourite Christmas Day Drink Recipe
December 13, 2017 Tom C

Who would like to save some time and energy this Christmas, so you have more time to relax, open presents and slowly slip into a food coma? We would! Which is why we believe the best option to keep your Christmas guests refreshed and hydrated is to serve a deliciously delightful punch. Daggy you say? […]

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Spirit Of The Month – Vodka
December 5, 2017 Tom C

Next in our ‘Spirit of The Month’ series we move onto Vodka, our versatile, trusty and reliable friend. If you didn’t have a regretful night drinking vodka in your younger years, were you even a teenager? Like us, Vodka has grown up and matured to become a sophisticated choice in the world of spirits and […]

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Our Top 5 Summer Cocktails
November 28, 2017 Tom C

Hooray! We are finally about to start the Summer season which means the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and it’s time to par-tay! At Cruisen Cocktails we love the Summer period because it’s all about being outdoors and having fun with your mates, living our quintessential Aussie lifestyle. So that means […]

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Bartender Profile – Greg
October 26, 2017 Tom C

Next up in our Bartender Profile series is Greg, our resident cocktail expert who has been with Cruisen Cocktails from the start! Hometown – Perth Bartending Experience – Started as a glassie at The Botanica about 7 years ago and worked my way onto the bar and then experimenting with different drinks and combinations. I […]

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10 Hens Party Game Ideas!
October 10, 2017 Tom C

Wedding season is about to get into full swing, so that means it’s time get down and dirty at the HEN’s PARTY!!! Oh yeah! Planning a hens and making sure the hen has a great night can be a daunting task, so we thought we’d help by pulling together a few ides! Let the games […]

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‘The Best’ Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe
September 19, 2017 Tom C

Ah the Daiquiri – the quintessential rum cocktail which is one of the easiest and freshest drinks you can make, sahweeet! As far as variety goes, the world is your oyster! Which makes Daiquiris such a popular drink, because you can make it your own by adding your favourite fruit plus keep it real by […]

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Bartender Profile – Ashleigh
September 12, 2017 Tom C

As part of our Bartender Profile series, we are featuring some of the awesome people we are lucky to have working on our team! Next up is Ash! Hometown: Durban, South Africa Bartending experience: I started bartending at the Leedy Hotel when I turned 18 but that only lasted a couple of months as I […]

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Spirit Of The Month – Rum
September 5, 2017 Tom C

Not just for swashbuckling pirates, rum is now one of the most popular spirits on the cocktail ingredient scene providing us with such firm favourites as Mojito’s, Mai Tai’s, Pina Colada’s and everyone’s favourite, the oh so versatile Daiquiri! It’s easy to see why Rum is so widely adored, with it’s rich history and smooth […]

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas For The Dad Who Has Everything
August 29, 2017 Tom C

What do you buy for the Dad who has everything? More socks, more jocks or more daggy shirts? No, the answer is booze which is always a winner! Just make sure your Dad enjoys a drink of course 😉 So to help make your Fathers Day shopping a breeze, we have come up with a […]

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The Secret to Making THE BEST Margaritas
August 22, 2017 Tom C

Tequila is our Spirit Of The Month and limes are in season so it’s a perfect storm for Margarita time! We will share our deliciously divine recipe but first, what is the secret to making THE BEST Margarita? The secret is all in proportions and getting the balance of ingredients juuuuust right. It can definitely […]

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