Party Theme Ideas!
June 20, 2017 Tom C , ,

Are you a Party theme lover or a hater? At Cruisen Cocktails we definitely love to party, so any party theme idea that adds a little fun, humour and spice to a night is a sure fire winner in our books! So if you have a party coming up, why not consider a Party Theme. […]

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Why Garnish a Cocktail?
June 6, 2017 Tom C , ,

Put simply, a cocktail garnish should be the crowning glory of your drink! It creates a magnificent visual appeal but even more importantly it compliments the taste and smell of your cocktail, ensuring a memorable drinking experience! DID YOU KNOW that most of the scent in citrus is stored in the skin and not the juice? […]

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How To Make a Classic G&T, Gin is Spirit of The Month!
May 30, 2017 Tom C , ,

We are bringing back our ‘Spirit of The Month’ feature! Each month we will focus on a particular spirit and share some recipes, brand stories and interesting facts so you can sharpen your cocktail knowledge! First up, Gin. A big reason we love Gin, is because unlike other spirits it was designed to be mixed […]

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The Classic Winter Warmer Cocktail
May 23, 2017 Tom C , ,

It appears the Game of Thrones meme’s actually are true – Winter is coming. In fact, and there’s no need to panic, Winter officially starts next week! Just because the temperature gauge dips a little, it doesn’t mean life needs to get boring and the party season has to end! In fact, staying in-doors and warming […]

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The Art Of Making A Cocktail
May 15, 2017 Tom C , ,

We love making cocktails. Obviously… There’s something really cool about setting up a station amongst friends and making them whatever they want. From a Strawberry Daquiri to a Tequila Sunrise, a good cocktail party can create lifelong memories and, if nothing else, it’s loads of fun. Whilst we at Cruisen Cocktails pride ourselves on being […]

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