10 Hens Party Game Ideas!
By Tom C - 7 years ago

Wedding season is about to get into full swing, so that means it’s time get down and dirty at the HEN’s PARTY!!! Oh yeah!

Planning a hens and making sure the hen has a great night can be a daunting task, so we thought we’d help by pulling together a few ides!

Let the games begin!

  1. The Couple Quiz – Before the event, ask the husband-to-be a list of questions about himself and their relationship. On the night, sit the hen down and she must answer each question correctly or have a skull from her drink! e.g where did they go on their first date, what is his favourite drink, what is his favourite body part of the brides, how many ex-girlfriends does he have etc.
  2. Post-it Note Game – Ahhh the memories. This game involves each guest writing on a post-it note a fond memory they have of the happy couple and also some wedding advice or wishes! The hen can read these out on the night and guess who wrote each message then placed in a book to create a lovely keepsake of the night.
  3. Pin the ‘Hose’ on The Fireman – Or you can use your imagination if you want to mix this one up 😉 Yes it’s a bit of a classic but always guarantees a few laughs! Another version of this is ‘Pash the Poster’ where you blow up a life sized poster of the hen’s favourite hunk. Each guest applies some lippy and must pash as close to the mouth as possible. Closest pash wins!
  4. Truth or Dare – When guests arrive have them ask a ‘truth or dare’ question directed at the hen. Draw on these throughout the night to keep the hen well on her toes! Some examples are have you ever skinny-dipped, when was your first kiss, have you ever had sex in public etc etc!
  5. Look-Alike – If you are heading out on the town after some pre-hen celebrations, give the hen a list of ‘look-alike’ guys she needs to be a photo with. On the list could feature the Husband-To-Be, favourite celebrities or character traits (e.g. Muscle man, tall man etc.). In the morning you should have a great collection of photos to have a laugh over 🙂
  6. Toilet Paper Couture – Another classic! Separate the guests into small groups and provide them with multiple rolls of toilet paper. In each group, someone has to volunteer to be the bride and the other group members must dress them in toilet paper to create a fabulous wedding outfit! Give a time allowance of around 5-10 minutes and after times up, all brides must parade in front of the hen who picks the winner!
  7. Playdough Creations – Each guest receives a small amount of play-dough and must create a life-sized mould of a pecker! The bride will decide on which pecker is most life like!
  8. Souvenir Collection / Scavenger Hunt – This can played by either the hen only or the whole gang! Write a list of items that must be collected before the end of the night and see how many you can tick off (e.g. males business card, pair of undies, lock of hair, condom etc.)
  9. Suck for a Buck – Some basic sewing skills required here, but easy enough to do! Or ask your Mum! Find a top for the hen to wear and sew on some lifesavers. Throughout the night, the hen must convince people to ‘suck for a buck’ and collect one dollar for every lifesaver sucked off and….no hands!
  10. Balloon Jiggy Jig – Split into equal teams, send teams up either end of a room or open space. Blow up a balloon and place between the legs of the person at front of line and then they must jiggle up the other end and get it in between the legs of the other person without using hands! Continue until through the line. If you drop or pop the balloon you are out. Look out for the nice pelvic movements!

At Cruisen Cocktails, we love a hens party! We have Cocktail Bartenders and Shirtless Bartenders ready to help you shake things up! So get in touch if you would like to find out how we can help 🙂

Tom C