‘The Best’ Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe
By Tom C - 7 years ago

Ah the Daiquiri – the quintessential rum cocktail which is one of the easiest and freshest drinks you can make, sahweeet!

As far as variety goes, the world is your oyster! Which makes Daiquiris such a popular drink, because you can make it your own by adding your favourite fruit plus keep it real by using whichever fruit is in season. The base ingredients required to make a daiquiri are rum, lime and a sweetener. From there you can mix it up and have fun experimenting! Everyone’s tastes are slightly different, so if you’re knocking up some of these bad boys at home, we always recommend tasting and adjusting. Too sweet? Add more lime. Too sour? Add more sugar. Too boring? Add more rum!

Considering rum is our ‘spirit of the month’ and strawberries are currently in abundance, it would be completely rude for us not to share our delicious Cruisen Cocktails Strawberry Daiquiri recipe – done two ways. The traditional way in a shaker, and also the frozen slushy variety.


Strawberry Daiquiri – Shaken

30ml Bacardi

2 Strawberries

15ml of Strawberry Liqueur

15ml Lime Juice

45ml Apple Juice

Add all ingredients to shaker over ice. Shake well then strain into Martini glass. Serves 1.


Strawberry Daiquiri – Blended with Ice

150ml Bacardi

10 Strawberries

75ml Strawberry liqueur

175ml juice or 2.5 limes

225ml of Apple juice

Add all ingredients to a blender with 300ml of ice. Blend, taste to ensure balance of flavours is just right and enjoy! Serves 5.


Now is anyone willing to admit they don’t like a daiquiri? We wouldn’t believe you any way  🙂

Tom C