Bartender Profile – Ashleigh
By Tom C - 7 years ago

As part of our Bartender Profile series, we are featuring some of the awesome people we are lucky to have working on our team! Next up is Ash!

Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Bartending experience: I started bartending at the Leedy Hotel when I turned 18 but that only lasted a couple of months as I was arriving at my full time job exhausted after every shift. I’ve been at Botanica for a couple of years now which is awesome as we are like a little family there and it’s a great venue in general.

Interests outside making cocktails: I am actually a nutritionist and cake decorator/baker too. I love exercising and cooking healthy dishes in my spare time as well as spending lots of time at the beach during summer.

Favourite cocktail/drink: Hugo- My new found love from travelling in Europe. Similar to an Aperol Spritz but with mint and elderflower liqueur.

What makes a great party: Good company definitely makes the biggest difference.

What is your best advice for making great cocktails: Delivering it with flair 😉

What are your essential bar tools: A lemon/lime squeezer- When you’re bartending you always discover cuts on your hands you never thought you had.

What has been the funniest thing you have witnessed at a party/venue from behind the bar: Probably just watching people who have had a few too many embarrass themselves.

Favourite bars in Perth: Flour Factory, The Stables Bar, The Standard and Bar Lafayette. I don’t get to be on the other side of the bar much unfortunately.

Tom C