10 Essential Bar Tools For The Home Bartender
By Tom C - 7 years ago

I’m sure we all agree that freshly made cocktails are one of the great pleasures in life and there’s no doubt many life partners have been lured and secured after sipping a cocktail or two! So if you would like to up your cocktail game, we have listed all the essential bar tools below;

  1. Cocktail Shaker – There are 3 main types of shakers going around. The Boston Shaker, with a metal tin and glass is the most common type used in bars. The Parisian Shaker, is also a two piece with a sleeker metal design. The third type is a Cobbler shaker which is an ‘all-in-one’ with a three piece design and built in strainer. This third type is generally the easiest for first time cocktail makers! Essentially all three varieties do the same thing, so long as they are large enough to hold plenty of ice cubes with enough room left for the ingredients and ice to mix.
  2. Mixing Glass or Stirring Jug – As the name suggest, this is a large glass or jug used for mixing cocktails that are not shaken. If your favourite cocktail is stirred you may want one of these, but it’s not strictly necessary.
  3. Jigger – This is the name given to a measuring tool, which is essential for accuracy. Most double ended jiggers, come with a 15ml / 30ml measurement, or you can find a larger 30ml / 60ml size.
  4. Hawthorn Strainer – This fancy looking tool, is to assist in straining cocktails from the shaker. The twisted metal coils help prevent any ice or other ingredients from escaping plus it gives you control over how much liquid is poured.
  5. Julep Strainer – This is an alternative to a Hawthorn strainer, and has a circular shape with small holes. It comes in very handy as it can also be used as an ice-scoop .
  6. Fine Mesh Strainer – Perfect for when drinks require double-straining to remove any small particles (e.g. pips or flesh from fruit). To use, hold it between the glass and the strainer as you pour.
  7. Muddler – Typically used for cocktails that contain fruit or herbs, a muddler is used to mix and mash. This action allows for the amazing aromas and flavours to escape, making your cocktail taste next level. Popular for such cocktails as Mojito and Caprioskas.
  8. Bar Spoon – These elegant looking spoons usually have an elongated, twisted handle to make it easy to stir drinks in tall vessels. These spoons can also help measure small amounts and some come with a fork on the other end for picking up garnishes such as olives.
  9. Pourer – Placed on the neck of a liquor bottle, this is an in-expensive tool to allow for easy pouring and less spillage.
  10. Citrus Juicer – The Citrus Juicer (or Mexican Elbow) is an efficient tool to make juicing quicker an easier. Perfect for limes, lemons and oranges, you’ll be sipping on your Margarita in no time!

So there you have it! Some essential tools to bring you one step closer to being the ultimate home bartender!

Source: Cocktails & Bars

Tom C