Spirit Of The Month – Tequila
By Tom C - 7 years ago

“Get on the dancefloor” they said, “you’ve totally got the moves” they said. Love it or hate it, there is no doubt that Tequila knows how to get the party started! This beloved Mexican pick-me-up is made from the blue agave plant and is surprisingly versatile in cocktails. Some of our favourites include The Paloma, The Tequila Sunrise and the ultimate being the Margarita. All hail the Margarita!

We thought we should share some fun facts on Tequila, to give you a little extra appreciation next time you lick, sip, suck…..

1.Tequila must be made in Mexico – Just like Champagne must be from the Champagne region, Tequila must be made in particular areas in Mexico. If it’s produced elsewhere, its merely called Agave Spirit.

2.You can make synthetic diamonds out of Tequila – True story. Some clever scientists from the University of Mexico discovered this. So if your boyfriend comes home with some beautiful ‘diamond’ jewels after a big night out, be suspicious, very suspicious!

3.Tequila has health benefits – Like all good liquors, it must be good for us?! Tequila can help encourage weight loss via a component that helps break down dietary fat and reduce bad cholesterol. A shot after dinner will help improve digestion after a meal so bottoms up! Somehow this isn’t on the Jenny Craig meal program, strange?

4.Tequila prices are on the rise! – If you’re a tequila lover, it s a good idea to stock up! The price of agave is expected to rise by more than 100%, so distilleries are predicted to raise prices to cover the increased cost of growing the raw ingredients.

5.People will pay top dollar for good tequila – The most expensive bottle every sold cost $225,000 and was purchased by private collector.

6.Serious tequila aficianados don’t do shots – Instead the more sophisticated tequila lovers prefer to sip out of a special tequila glass or brandy snifter. That way the flavours and aromas can be fully appreciated.

7.An opened bottle of tequila should be consumed within 3-6 months – This is due to the oxidation and evaporation that occurs which destroys the agave profile. So if you have a bottle in your liqueur cabinet at home, time to organise a party!

8.Real tequila doesn’t have a worm – Called the ‘gusano’, sometimes the worm itself is more popular than the actually drink! However this was used as a marketing gimic and used for the lower quality version of tequila called Mezcal. We don’t mind though, bring on the worm we say!

So there you have it, a few fun facts on the spirit with the most spirit, Tequila!!!

Tom C